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Structured Cabling


In Today's High-Tech environment, the internet and Networks are a vital part of your companies every day operations.

Having a stable and fault-tolerable structured cabling system will keep your company prepared for tomorrow's high-bandwith usage and advanced technology. KSI will provide a solid, reliable and properly labeled cabling system, leaving the client at ease when it comes time for troubleshooting and routine maintenance.

We offer services including:

image -Structured Cabling Systems

-Self supportive Pathway systems

-Point of Entry extensions (T-1, multi-line phone, coax, fiber etc..)

-Cat 5, 6, Fiber Optic and Coaxial cabling

-Data closet design and implementation

-Cable testing and certification

image -Wireless Networking services

-Server-room relocation & Cut-overs

-Backbone/Direct burial cabling

-Cable management -Stand-alone or Wall mounted Racks

-Abandoned cable de-installation


KSI will design a structured cabling system around your specific needs. Our highly-trained technicians will provide your organization with a custom infrastructure which will operate at its maximum performance.